Are You My Client—Am I the Coach For You?

Career Transition & Executive Career Coaching


If  you are looking to do exactly the same thing you are doing now, just at a  different company and for more pay, I'm probably not the coach for you. 

If you were born always knowing what you wanted next, I'm not the right coach for you, either.

But if like the vast majority of people, you question if you are in the right career, take heart! You are not alone.

My clients come from every age group, and share some characteristics:

  • Creative thinkers looking to identify the right problems to solve and the kinds of work that relates to
  • A drive to make a meaningful contribution somewhere
  • An artistic or creative streak, which may or may not relate directly to the arts. 
  • A "people person", with a keen eye for growth and development
  • Self-awarejust not about this career thing.
  • Don't want to settle for a mediocre life

If you've always wanted to find out what is possible for you in your career and how to break through the limitations that have held you back, you might be "my person." Let's talk, and find out!


I help executives position themselves strategically for their next moves within their current organization, or in moving on to their next organization. 

We work on the areas in which many talented leaders can use support: building relationships, alliances, networks and reputation. When appropriate, we include communication, team communications, expanding your influence and other organizational realities beyond producing the results for which you are accountable.

Many executive coaches are trained to help you produce business results, and your corresponding career results may be assumed.

I don't assume anything. The reason? Over decades of working with thousands of talented managers and executives in one-on-one coaching conversations, I got to see that while their results could "speak for themselves", they themselves could not "speak for themselves" all too often! In the domain of their career, they did not know how to apply the same relational or strategic thinking that made them successful in their jobs.

It is great if your organization pours resources into your development, but not all organizations do. 

Instead of waiting for them, make the investment in high-level career strategies that build your professional identity and position you well as a competitive candidate for the roles you want.

Find the key to your career success.

Find the key to your career success.