Passion for the Passionless

Find Something that Lasts

Yes, there are those people who are born full of purpose and direction and zeal. They are the minority, I promise, even if they are your friend, sister, brother and parents.

It looks soooo easy when you have that clear direction. And, in some ways,  it is.

Inside, a voice asks: "What's wrong with me? If only I could identify my passion, I could have a great career too."

Good News Flash:

Don't worry about finding your passion.

There are a few things that you can  identify that will provide you with a sense of direction, accomplishment, and at least as important: flexibility for a world changing so rapidly that most of the careers of today may not even exist in a decade and most of the careers of tomorrow haven't been invented yet.

I help you figure out what you have to offer in a way that is uniquely you, and combines your talents with the core elements that get you stoked and keep you moving through changes in the world of work.

You will know your contribution, what truly motivates you, how and where you could apply both, and how to find out and keep up with work possibilities you've never even considered before.