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The Executive's Question: Move Up or Move On?


Ambitious people look for the next move up. It may mean moving out—but not always. If you feel stuck at your level, it's time for some high-octane fuel and concentrated strategic action.

Move Me Up!

Wishing You Could Find Your “Passion”?


Not everyone has a burning passion and not everyone will find one. Good news! You don't need to find your passion to have a great career! But there is something you can find, and then, it's a relief!


Don’t Know What to be When You Grow Up—and You're 40?


You may be 30, 40, 50 or more, and still feel that you have not fulfilled your:

a) potential, b) dreams, c) real career or d) all of the above. Stop suffering now!


Your First Five Years—& You Think it's the Wrong Career


You thought you wanted to be a lawyer (analyst, doctor, consultant), but you hate the work, the hours and the environment. Where do you really belong? And can you make a move with all your student debt?


Leadership Support for Your Organizational Growth


Organizations can be a minefield of politics, agendas and things beyond your control. What if you had your own strategic advisor in your back pocket, able to help you navigate tricky conversations, position yourself well, and enhance your public identity?


Out-of-the-Box Creatives & Solopreneurs


Traditional employment is something you've always wrestled with. Can  you find a place for  yourself in an organization, or are you meant to do your own thing? If it's your own show, how do you get it launched?

Create a Career!

About the Coach


Nettie M. Spiwack, Master Career Strategist

Called by her clients "a consummate career coach"​; author and designer of numerous major corporate Talent Development programs, Nettie has counseled all levels of the  workforce, from the C-suite to the factory floor, working personally with more than 15,000 executives, managers and individual contributors in every kind of economy, company and corporate culture in the US,  Europe and Asia.

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Motivation means having the energy to get to your goals.

What Others Say

"Nettie changed the trajectory of my professional life.  I was in a  career funk and did not have the energy, direction or clarity to find a  way to move forward.  Nettie led me through a very productive process of  reflection, discovery and ideation.  In each meeting, Nettie expertly  built on the progress I had made since our prior meeting by stretching  an action a bit further, prompting me to find where the energy led me,  holding me accountable for what I said I wanted to try and pushing me to  greater challenges. Now I find myself with opportunities that have  reinvigorated my creativity, confidence and career.  Nettie allows you  to lead and find your new path but always moves you forward and helps  you see the possibilities.  And does all of this with a natural grace  and warmth that is nurturing and professional all at the same time.  I  recommend Nettie to everyone whether you are just questioning what to  work on next or how to create a more meaningful, joyful life." —Susie B. Fishman, CA

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Coaching conversations for action.

How I Work

Every client is different. When I find out what you need and how you work best, I tailor the approach to your personality, your stage of life and career, your freedom to explore, and many other factors. 

I have a big coaching toolkit, and not every tool is right for every person. I use the ones that will work for you in your life, with your goals, to get you to where you want to go.

Most often, I work with people in six-month agreements, depending on the goals.

Am I the RIght Coach For You?


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Go ahead. If you could have figured it out on your own, you would have done it by now.

If you've read this far, you've been thinking about doing something about your career for some time now—often for years! Make the appointment for your free strategy consult.



Time to Move Up or Move On?


Short-Term & Long-Term Career Investments

You invest in your career: your hopes, dreams, time, and very often, a large amount of money in education and ongoing certifications—not to mention relationships, colleagues and work community. 

Sometimes it's blatantly obvious that you need to move on. Other times you basically like your organization but feel like you simply cannot make headway.

You face the choice: time to pull my investments and move elsewhere? Or is it possible to change the game here?

Some people are always short-term investors, reaping a return in experience and knowledge, and jumping to the next opportunity as soon as it presents. Others are longer-term investors, balancing stability and cultures they like and helped to build against looking actively for the unknown.

Almost all are concerned about career stagnation in a world that is hurtling at warp speed into what was once “the future.

I help you navigate these choices, unpacking what you really want to do, which is often wrapped up in a million hesitations and what if's. 

If it's LEAVE, we work towards that; if it's STAY, we start strategies to get your career at your current organization re-invigorated.

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