The Work is About You

Why Do People Work With Me? Here are Some Reasons:

You've been thinking about making something happen in your career some time—a long time:

  • My friends are finding their "passion" and I'm wasting my life!
  • I love my work—but I'm not getting the opportunities I want in my company. Should I move on?
  • I fell into what I do, and never gave myself the chance to explore.
  • I hate my job, but I'm stuck with student debt.
  • I'm aging out of traditional work. What next?
  • Why am I passed over for the projects and promotions I want? Do I have to leave to grow in my company?
  • Changes in my organization mean this is no longer what I signed up for.
  • Seems like everyone has their own business or a side hustle. Should I?
  • Do I need an MBA? Everyone says you need one. Do I need one?
  • I have an MBA! Now what?
  • I think I'm meant to do something else—but I'm scared!
  • I do know what I want! Just not how to get there...

Ready to make it happen?

Let's talk. In your free strategy session you'll get clear about:

  • What it will take for you to actually get what you want
  • If I'm the right coach for you
  • How we can work together

Go ahead. Click the button. You've thought about it long enough. Yeah, now.

I Bring You From Confusion to Clarity So You Can Hit Your Target

My clients are smart, capable people. Successful. Achievers. 

If you are like most of them, when it comes to some aspect of your career, you get tangled in too many confusing thoughts about the appropriate next steps. You're not clear on your targets. You run after too many opportunities, or you just don't know how to take aim.

Depending on your level of experience, your generation and your outlook, you have a particular set of circumstances and thoughts about your possibilities.

I help you clear away the confusion, and find what will work for you, so you can "aim true."

People often start by saying they don't know what they want to do. 

But somewhere in there, they do. They just don't think it's possible.

I often say I am in the business of giving people permission to do what they really want to do.

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