What Others Say

Endorsements from Top Executives , Mid-Career Professionals & Early Career Clients

"If you are looking for a brilliant career and broader coaching expert,  Nettie uses a comprehensive set of  assessments and strategies to ensure impact and has the rare skill-set to coach one-to-one,  coach groups, set-up  meaningful and impactful career development  strategies that address career and development goals at ALL career stages. She is the ultimate expert in this space."—Jill Zimmerman, IL, Partner, Global Chief Talent & Inclusion Officer at Mercer

"As a couples and family therapist I often have clients who are struggling

with career issues that are beyond the realm of therapy. In each and

every case I refer to Nettie, she is simply the best there is…

Over and over again Nettie has worked with my clients to figure out

how to be the best version of themselves in their professional lives.

She guides, clarifies, challenges, and ultimately inspires every client to

clear the obstacles, and uncover the path to having what they want in a

career. This applies to new graduates just starting out, mid-career

professionals who are stuck or unsatisfied, creatives, lawyers, the

gamut. Nettie addresses both the practical and the intangibles in a

structured yet personalized way. She has the ability to tune in to every

client which results in a new outlook as well as concrete changes.

Nettie is that rare find, an absolute professional and a pleasure to work

with who will push you to the next level." — Tracy K. Ross, LCSW, NY

"Nettie is not only a thought leader in career and professional  development, she’s an amazing facilitator and dynamic and sought-after  coach. She's worked with both staff and graduate students as well as  provided professional development for career services staff." —Leigha Kinnear, Director of Employee & Manager Effectiveness, Harvard University, hired Nettie to design career development for staff when she was a Learning Leader at Northwestern University.

"I highly recommend Nettie as an executive coach and catalyst for personal discovery, professional growth and strategic action.  She is a  natural motivator who knows how to bring out the best in others through  the use of meaningful tools, powerful dialogue and a disciplined process  that fosters accountability.  Nettie’s professionalism, engaging style  and well-placed sense of humor create a very positive atmosphere of  trust and respect.  Above all, her organizational and career savvy, deep  understanding of performance drivers and roadblocks, and keen ability  to hone-in on what really matters makes working with her truly  transformational." — Diane Sakach, IL, Advancing Leaders from High-Potential to High Impact

"Nettie has been a tremendous resource for my professional development  and career planning.  She is a consummate coach, took a genuine interest  in my growth and uncovered those things that motivate me to inform my  development plan.  Also, she has influenced my approach to development  of team members and ensuring alignment between individual and  organizational goals.  Nettie has given me a new way to think about  professional development that will serve me well into the future.  I  highly recommend her for individual career coaching." 

AH, Regional Business Director, Pharma Industry

"Nettie Spiwack is a consummate professional with deep understanding of  the human psyche and spirit. Her powerful combination of talent, expertise and commitment to excellence makes her a versatile, creative  and highly effective partner and colleague in business.  I have hired  her for highly confidential and customized leadership development  assignments. In  every case, my clients could not have been more pleased with the  results." Heidi Guber, NM, Fourth Quadrant Partners

"Nettie is an example of a person who strives to go above and beyond. She has been instrumental in my job search and I could confidently say I  would not be as developed professionally or have a job if it wasn't for her. Her techniques are effective yet unique, and you can tell how  passionate she is during every session with her. I cannot say enough  things about Nettie. I would HIGHLY recommend anybody to reach out  to Nettie for help, she is worth it! I will forever be grateful to her  and the work she has done for me. I felt that Nettie really got to know  me and developed plans specific for me and that made all the difference.  I could go on and on about how wonderful I think she is and how I think  everybody should have Nettie helping them. Thank you so much Nettie,  you helped change the direction of my life and I am forever grateful!" — Joel Pawlan, Ass't Director of Org. Growth, Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity